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Urotherapy: The Ancient Art of Self-Healing

As a 5,000-year-old practice, the rejuvenational method of Urotherapy (also known as Shivambu) uses your own perfect medicine to heal the body from the inside out.

Linked to treating cancer, eliminating chronic disease, and divine manifestations – The power to heal is completely within.

About This Course

Considered ‘The Fountain of Youth,’ there is no stronger compound known to man for inducing cell regeneration, restoring the body, and improving your overall health and wellness.

In this course you will receive:

The Healing Modality That Has Been Used for Centuries

Discover the best-kept secret of the medical industry and what they don’t tell you – Like Urea (a urine product) is used in most skin-care products. Urokinase (a urine product) is used in drugs as the ‘miracle blood-clot dissolver.’ And products like Murine are used to treat eyesight.

Urine is not a waste product. It is ultra-filtered blood that is only missing the red-colored cells, containing more than 3,000 enzymes, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, hormones, and compounds that are specific to what your body needs at that time.

The real reason you’re taught that urine is a waste product is because it would cost the medical industry billions of dollars if everyone knew of the free healing modality that is gifted by their own bodies. This class is for anyone seeking the truth, solutions, and awareness of the incredible abilities of your own self-healing mechanism. 

What you will learn in this 100% online video course:

Lesson 1- What is Urotherapy Introduction

Go back 5,000 years with Dr. Group as he introduces your own perfect medicine. He will explain what urine actually is, the 3,000+ compounds found in urine, the antibodies that are created to fight infection, and why you should put it back into your body. With immune-boosting properties and cancer-fighting cells, this is the most valuable elixir of stem cells known to man.

Lesson 2 - Stem Cells - The Secret to Youth and Regeneration

As the secret to youth and full-body regeneration, Dr. Group explains why every dose of urine is equivalent to $20-30K worth of stem cells. With the ability to develop into many different types of cells in the body, these cells have the potential to repair, restore, and replace dying cells in the body - fighting all forms of degenerative disease.

Lesson 3 -The History of Urotherapy

Traditionally used to reach enlightenment, this illuminating lesson will explain the rich history of urotherapy. Used by Ancient Rome, Greece, China, Egypt, India, and many more - These are messages that the ancient civilizations intentionally left behind for us. Learn how Hippocrates used this elixir, the earliest cases of cancer, and how it is even used today on the International Space Station.

Lesson 4 - Your Inner Fountain of Youth

Did you know that urine compounds are the best moisturizer known to man? Used in top-notch and high-end skincare products - this is the ancient secret for centuries! The stem cells and urea in urine actively repair burns, acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis, and more. Use this lesson to learn more about your inner-fountain of youth and the most sterile product on earth.

Lesson 5 - My Personal Experience & Journey

Dr. Group shares his incredible beginning to urotherapy. From leading a cancer facility searching for naturopathic solutions, to researching for the virus task force of 2020 - The studies continued to pour in about the efficacy of this healing method. Dr. Group could not ignore the loud and clear truth. After experiencing the healing powers of urotherapy for himself - His insights will completely shock you.

Lesson 6 - The Science of Urotherapy

Dating as far back as 1954, the Journal of American Medical Association reported that ‘more scientific papers have been published on urine than any other organic compound.’ So why do you find dubious results when searching on Google? Use this lesson to discover the real studies, conducted by Harvard, The U.S. National Library of Medicine, and countless other credible sources. Dr. Group will also explain what the color of your urine says about your health and the complete breakdown of what’s in urine.

Lesson 7 - What The Mainsteam Media Says

This mind-enhancing lesson will completely reframe your perspective on the mainstream media and the medical community. With concealed truths that would cost them greatly, Dr. Group shares that “we are living in a war of communication right now. Of what is the truth, what is not the truth, what is propaganda, and what degree of manipulation is happening in our world.” Learn where to find the real resources and how to uncover the truth.

Lesson 8 - The Benefits - Conditions Head to Toe

This lesson will expand your knowledge of the all-encompassing benefits of urotherapy. The practice is cited in ancient Ayurveda texts as “the killer of all poisons, rejuvenator, blood purifier, holy liquid, elixir for the body, mind, and spirit, and a cure-all for disease.” Dr. Group will cover the top 10 benefits of urotherapy (including supposedly ‘incurable conditions’ like herpes and aids) as well as a comprehensive list that will make you feel more confident, energized, activated, and alive!

Lesson 9 - Method, Dosages, and Application

After building upon the research in previous lessons, you will now learn how to actually use urotherapy for yourself. This lesson will break down the internal methods, external methods, alternative methods, as well as the dosages and application processes for each. Dr. Group will explain how to keep your body strong, live a long life, become disease-free, and attain genuine bliss.

Lesson 10 - Stages of Cell Regeneration

The stages of cell regeneration are not as straightforward as you may think. The process will evolve as you pass through the stages of cleansing, balancing, and regenerating. Dr. Group will shed light on what you can expect at each stage in the first year, along with the long-term effects that will make you completely attuned to your body.

Lesson 11 - Success Stories

As stated by ‘Nature’s Benefits of Urine Therapy,’ - “Cancer can be controlled and cured.” This exhilarating lesson focuses on the testimonials and success stories that will expand your view of urotherapy. Dr. Group will share cases of cancer, seizures, bodily pain, eczema, anti-aging, and more. “Now is the time that we can save millions of lives. There are people that are going to ridicule this but they are not on the vibrational level that we’re on. If you’re here, you are a seeker of truth and knowledge.”

Lesson 12 - Diet Protocols

Dr. Group uncovers the ideal diet for controlling and preventing disease. He will explain the right pH balance of acidity and alkalinity within the body, how to incorporate living foods, and what food groups you need to reduce. He adds, “you can eat anything you want and the body will still make your perfect medicine at that exact time. The better the diet, the better the taste, but it will always be beneficial to you.”

Lesson 13 - Q&A

As the Q&A of the century - Dr. Group will expel any doubt you have through his most commonly received questions. Clearing up any confusion or concern, he will tread into queries like - But how do the toxins leave your body? Will I smell like urine? Can I give this to my pets? Does it have to be your own urine? What should I NOT do while drinking my own urine? And much more!

Lesson 14 - Connecting with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Manifestation

Everything is connected to mind, body, and spirit. As you rejuvenate your body, focus your energy back to the mind and spirit as well. In ancient India, Urotherapy was a secret that was reserved solely for the advanced students of enlightenment. Seen as a way to reach divinity - users report experiencing sensations of bliss, manifestation, purpose, and utter contentment. .

Lesson 15 - Beginning Your Journey

As you soak up this transformational knowledge, now is the time to begin your journey. Dr. Group will outline your first steps, how to incorporate supplementation, and how to better understand yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally. Embark on this new chapter of your life with fearless intentions and utilize this newfound knowledge. You will be forever changed by the education that will empower you to take control of your health!

Lesson 16 Bonus - Before and After Transformations by Allegedly Dave

Check out Allegedly Dave’s up-close and personal results that highlight the physical changes one may experience from prolonged use of urotherapy

Lesson 17 Bonus - Urotherapy Webinar with David Avocado Wolfe

Enjoy the free replay of this 2.5-hour Q&A that had students saying ‘“I feel like I’m having an awakening due to this call” and “So much GOLD in this discussion. Next level! What a GIFT to learn about this.” and “Grateful to be hearing this 411. Thank you Dr. Group & Avo!”

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Dr. Edward Group

In 1998 Dr. Group realized hardly anyone was focusing on the root cause of diseases or offering plant-based solutions to these problems. When the internet was starting to emerge, even fewer were providing quality natural health information and products. This was the exact moment Dr. Group saw an opportunity to stand out and do things differently.

Dr. Group has a true understanding of encountering and overcoming challenges in life. At the young age of thirty years old he had lost both his parents to cancer. At that time, he became depressed with the feeling that his world had started to crumble around him. Leading towards a downward spiral with his health, he gained nearly 70 pounds. He knew that he needed to make a change.

On his journey to improve his overall mental and physical health, he began to devour books on natural ways to heal. Dr. Group began to learn about how different foods can be used as medicine along with herbal remedies. It wasn’t long before he started to feel better, have more energy, and lost all his excess weight.