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The Secrets of Happiness

The Secrets of Happiness is an exploratory series that encourages self-healing and the incredible power within YOU to cultivate abundance, fulfillment, wellness, and absolute joy!

Dr. Group offers 25+ years of expertise and personal insights into the subject of happiness, at a time when the world needs it most.

This transformational course includes:

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My Mission Is to Help You Transform Your Life From the Inside-Out

At a time where the world can feel uncontrollably chaotic, I felt it was a necessity to share these insights behind the art of self-soothing. 

You will learn to self-actualize and create more moments of authentic happiness. 

These lessons will help you be able to laugh more, incorporate joy, nourish your body, mitigate toxic intake, detoxify your internal and external environment, and ultimately – Cultivate the tools to master your own life.

This course is for everyone. 

Happiness is for everyone. 


What you will learn in this 100% online video course:

Lesson 01 – Secrets Of Happiness: Introduction

My mission has always been to find the root cause.Beginning at the root cause of unhappiness, he identifies the sources that may be contributing to emotional instability, offering solutions that can be integrated immediately! Dr. Group dives into the course by exploring happiness through the lenses of physical, social, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

He shares the techniques that he uses on a daily basis that have benefited millions of patients around the world.

Lesson 2 – Your Personal Environment

In this lesson, Dr. Group shares personal insights that launched his journey into holistic healing. He explores topics like how to listen to your own body, ways to analyze your emotions, how to remove yourself from the victim mentality,
as well as ending the toxic cycles that
you may be allowing or self-fulfilling.

As you become more in touch with these patterns, you will learn how to adapt your approach for peak happiness.

Lesson 3 – What Is Causing My Unhappiness?

Dr. Group refers to this lesson as the ‘shared strategies’ for his community to use in the name of improving their relationships (this includes relationships in business, family, friendships, and most importantly, the relationship to self).

He sheds light onto why mindfulness matters and how to bring your attention to the present moment for a
higher-vibrational state.

Lesson 4 – Time Out

In this phenomenal lesson, Dr. Group tackles the great law of karma, delving into the power of rippled positivity.

He advises on the best methods for self-grounding, breathing work, and returning to a parasympathetic state from a sympathetic state (the only way in which the body can properly heal).

Lesson 5 – Mindful Communication

In a fast-paced world Dr. Group says,
“the hardest challenge is being mindful in a state of communication.” Expanding on the power of the present moment, this lesson uncovers how to engage with others in a way that will feed your soul.

You will learn the ways in which you may be resisting mindful communication and how to break down this inner-barrier.

Lesson 6 – When Was The Last Time Your Life Was Perfect?

Here you will learn about the hidden powers within you and how to nurture
the largest transformation of your life.

Dr. Group will disclose the
life-changing secret that he stumbled upon by accident while treating patients
for the last 25+ years.

Hint, it’s not what you think!

Lesson 7 – The Magic of Smiling

Have you ever wanted to feel wildly in control of your own happiness? Do you feel a disconnect towards the thoughts you can control versus the ones you cannot? In this lesson, Dr. Group proposes techniques for managing your own mind and allocating your time in a way that will serve you better. He will also break down the deep cleansing hacks that have led his patients to become noticeably more confident, motivated, and successful!

Lesson 8 – Intentional Expectations

Stop letting the mind control YOU!
In this inspirational lesson, Dr. Group explains why there is such a critical need for this course in today’s age and how to take back the inner power that you've been conditioned to suppress.

Having witnessed people at their lowest, he reveals situations in which lives were rebuilt by the methods in this course. Urging you to advocate for your own happiness – he explains how to find those everyday joys, live a fulfilling life, chase your passions, relieve anxieties, and renew the body from the inside out!

Lesson 9 - How to Be Happy NOW!

In this engaging discussion, you will hear
Dr. Group admit something that
you would never expect. Speaking on the balanced state between happiness and unhappiness – he illuminates topics like how to evaluate your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state in the NOW!

Breaking down the true secrets of happiness, he also offers insights on the hormonal imbalances that are caused by your external environment (and steps to completely eliminate these toxins).

Lesson 10 - Own Your Mornings: Be Inspired!

The most successful people in the world agree, a morning routine is CRUCIAL to your daily success. Dr. Group champions for winning the mornings, teaching about the right decisions to make when you wake up, why you should never reach for your phone first thing, and how to remove toxins from your home.

Describing the priceless value of these practices, he asserts - “If you change your mornings, you change your life.”

Lesson 11 - New Thoughts: Change Your Life

As you create new neural pathways through new habits -You will rebuild your life in a way that creates abundance!

In this game-changing lesson on Dr. Group’s top five resolutions that will completely reshape your life, the toxic intake we are faced with daily, how to properly purify the body, as well as the techniques to begin utilizing the
gifts that you were given at birth.

Lesson 12 - How to Be Happy For a More Fulfilled Life

An inability to embrace the present moment is common because humans are wired to over-analyze the past or over-anticipate the future. This is a useful survival mechanism but does NOT allow mindfulness to come easily. Dr. Group offers SOLUTIONS to counteract these instincts and root yourself into NOWness for a happier, and more fulfilled life.

Lesson 13 - How to WIN In Life

The power within you is incredible,
but we are diverted from this power
all the time.”

As Dr. Group winds down the course, he depicts life’s journey as a series of micro-decisions, explaining the secrets you can use to absolutely win at life every day!

Lesson 14 - Life Of Dr. Group: The Power of Journaling

The power of journaling has been associated with increased memory capacity, improved cognitive function, and a deeper connection to self. Dating back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, Dr. Group explains the science behind why writing something down resonates more deeply in the memory. Offering intimate topics that he has personally journaled about; Dr. Group proposes 5 life-changing topics that you should explore in your own mind for self-exploration.

Lesson 15 - Anxiety: Tips To Help Ease The Struggle

In this final lesson, Dr. Group summarizes and punctuates the wisdom within this course by instructing you how to overcome anxiety and stress.

He educates on how to reconnect to food, recharge your brain, heal faster, and live the life you were born to live. With simple steps that you can integrate into every facet of your life, he affirms,

“You have the power within you to conquer anything.”

Bonus Lessons:

In these bonus lessons, Dr. Group will unpack all of the questions you may have about happiness and so much more! You will receive special extras like:

  1. How To Ease Workplace Anxiety
  2. How To Have A Better Work-Life Balance For A Happier You
  3. Learn How To Meditate with Dr. Group
  4. What Is Cortisol?
  5. Mental Health: The Power Of Lithium Orotate
Learn the strategies you will use for the rest of your life
Unlock Contentment

As you learn how to balance your own emotions, you will feel more in control of your life. You will gain a clearer perspective on challenges and develop a purer sense of self.

Gain Self-Confidence

Discover the neuroscience and psychology behind your deepest fears. You will become in touch with your body, mind, emotions, traumas, and paths for the highest levels of success.

Happiness is within reach

Dr. Edward Group

In 1998 Dr. Group realized hardly anyone was focusing on the root cause of diseases or offering plant-based solutions to these problems. When the internet was starting to emerge, even fewer were providing quality natural health information and products. This was the exact moment Dr. Group saw an opportunity to stand out and do things differently.

Dr. Group has a true understanding of encountering and overcoming challenges in life. At the young age of thirty years old he had lost both his parents to cancer. At that time, he became depressed with the feeling that his world had started to crumble around him. Leading towards a downward spiral with his health, he gained nearly 70 pounds. He knew that he needed to make a change.

On his journey to improve his overall mental and physical health, he began to devour books on natural ways to heal. Dr. Group began to learn about how different foods can be used as medicine along with herbal remedies. It wasn’t long before he started to feel better, have more energy, and lost all his excess weight.