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The Gut Health Course

with Dr. Edward Group, DC

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Harness Your Core Healing Energy: $179.95

Your gut health is a crucial part of achieving optimal health and is one of the Root Causes of Disease when any type of disruption occurs.

  • Step by Step gut restoration guidance.
  • Best foods and supplements to nourish your gut.
  • The internal and external factors that influence the health of your gut.
  • 24/7 Chat Community & Monthly LIVE Q&A with Dr. Group.
  • Unlimited Online 24/7 Access.

Gut Health is the foundation to life.

Awareness of the conditions that arise from an unhealthy gut will lead to understanding its importance in solving many of the Root Causes of Disease and is the first step in your path to wholeness. Once you begin adding simple shifts that you can follow for the rest of your life, you will accumulate positive health results that will resonate in every area of your life.

What You Will Learn in
This 100% Online Course

Lesson 1

Root Causes of Gut Health Disruption & The Body-Mind Connection

  • Benefits of supporting your Gut Health
  • 24 Root Causes of Gut Health Disruption
  • We are only as good as what we assimilate and can utilize.
  • Your whole body-mind-emotion system.

Lesson 2

Harmony in the Entire Digestive Process

  • Mastering the entire digestive process
  • Healing the absorption systems
  • Activating nutrient transport and utilization
  • Fasting & Detox as a Core to a Healthy Gut

Lesson 3

The Universe Inside Your Gut: Your Microbiome

  • Gluten Effects on gut health
  • Dairy Effects on gut health
  • What is the microbiome, and how does one fully restore the healthiest levels possible?

Lesson 4

Awareness & solutions for the most common gut conditions

  • Common Gut Conditions
  • How to Cleanse & Heal the Gut
  • Top Gut Health FAQs
  • Conclusion: The Complete & Powerful Picture

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Get to The Root Cause of Disease and Create an Abundant and Healthy Life

Dr. Group, DC, and his team have evidence and confirmation of what causes any type of disease and how you can activate your body’s self-healing mechanism to heal and repair itself.