Global Healing Institute

Seven Core Teaching Values


Teach students how to be passionate and positive about natural health. One of the most important health coach skills is to be passionate about what you’re teaching your clients. Most clients don’t expect a perfect coach; they don’t want a super-person, but someone who is down-to-earth and understands that everyone is human and life happens. Natural Health Coaches should be committed to living healthily and lead by example with excitement, passion, and knowledge. When natural health coaches are passionate about what they love to do, clients will “catch” that positive energy and excitement. Often this “catch” encourages clients to comply with their programs which then encourages their bodies to heal.


Teach students to be life-long learners, such as finding better ways to do things, new ways of thinking about ourselves, and what good health means to our lives. The best Natural Health Coaches love to learn and, therefore, embrace lifelong learning and research so they can be the best at what they do while supporting their clients.


Teach students that getting healthy is not rocket science. More is not always better. A good health coach shares easy-to-follow guidance and honest expectations. The more simplicity, the easier it is for students and their clients to become individually healthy. The 7 Best Doctors exemplify simplicity – Sunshine, Healthy Diet, Restful Sleep, Clean Water, Daily Exercise, Clean Air, and Stress/Emotions Relief (Time for Yourself).


Teach integrity. Successful health coaches must have integrity in their personal lives and in their client relationships. Clients often share very personal and intimate details of their lives. Both sides lose out if one party doesn’t operate out of honesty and integrity. A good health coach respects every client’s confidentiality at all times. A good health coach follows through with every promise and respects each client’s time.


Teach constant growth. Great natural health coaches aren’t captivated by talent and don’t indulge in promoting themselves. However, they continue to grow in knowledge and personal health modalities by keeping up with what is going on in natural health and wellness. They love to research and learn. They stretch themselves as much as they stretch their clients and are very knowledgeable in what they recommend. The Best Health Coaches should be willing to try every supplement or natural health modality before recommending it to their clients. CANI – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement should be personally practiced and taught to clients.


Teach patience in all matters and with all clients. The best natural health coach is patient and sensitive to their client’s needs and life situations at all times. Every client’s coaching journey is different and should be respected at all times. The Best Health Coaches understand this and adapt to where the client resides in life while teaching that patience is necessary for getting well. The best coaches are sensitive to their client’s current needs and situations and can switch gears quickly when needed.


Teach professionalism at all times. Be mindful to respect clients for their effort, commitment, and time. Arriving late for consults, constantly changing appointment times, communicating negatively, or neglecting/forgetting important actions for your client are fast ways to break trust in a coach-client relationship. Golden Rule: Treat clients as you wish to be treated. Your motto should be: Always Be punctual, professional, and prompt.