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In 1998 Dr. Group realized hardly anyone was focusing on the root cause of diseases or offering plant-based solutions to these problems. When the internet was starting to emerge, even fewer were providing quality natural health information and products. This was the exact moment Dr. Group saw an opportunity to stand out and do things differently.

Dr. Group has a true understanding of encountering and overcoming challenges in life. At the young age of thirty years old he had lost both his parents to cancer. At that time, he became depressed with the feeling that his world had started to crumble around him. Leading towards a downward spiral with his health, he gained nearly 70 pounds. He knew that he needed to make a change.

On his journey to improve his overall mental and physical health, he began to devour books on natural ways to heal. Dr. Group began to learn about how different foods can be used as medicine along with herbal remedies. It wasn’t long before he started to feel better, have more energy, and lost all his excess weight.


Dr. Group shares his full story and vision for the Global Healing Institute.


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