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The Healing Power of Water

with Dr. Edward Group, DC

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The type of water you drink—and how you treat it—matters. 

Harness Water’s Healing Energy: $179.95

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Water is life. You deserve to know why.

In this life-altering course, you’ll learn the:

  • Role of water in the body
  • Healing power of water
  • Benefits of distilled water
  • Detriments of inorganic minerals
  • Emotional and energetic properties of water
  • Power of beliefs on water
  • Facts and myths about water
  • History and science of water
  • And much more

“With proper nourishment and hydration, the body instinctively strives to be young and healthy.” – Dr. Edward Group


Delve into the suppressed science of water’s role in health.

Debunk the myths of distilled water and why it’s demonized.

Reclaim your health and longevity with the power of pure, clean water.

You deserve to know the truth

Experience your water-healing journey with a trusted guide like no other, Dr. Edward Group. Reap the benefits of his decades-long quest to help others become their own healers.

We believe in water

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see.” – Dr. Masaru Emoto

We believe in a world where drinking water is as pure as nature intended, so you can be the best version of yourself. Learn how to boost mental clarity, enhance physical wellness and achieve an optimal state of health through water alone.

Learn why pure water is essential to life

Dr. Edward Group has compiled centuries of water research and distilled it into a simple, concise and easy to understand manner. His pioneering work in natural health has inspired him to tell the world about the suppressed secrets of water. In this course, you will equip yourself with the knowledge needed to survive the deception of modern medicine and see through its bold-faced lies.

The type of water you drink matters:

  • Discover why distilled water is the ultimate form of water.
  • Uncover the truth about inorganic minerals and how they turn us to stone.
  • Learn the power of positive thoughts, prayer and more on waters structure.
  • Dispel the medical establishments demonization of water.
  • Grasp the historical and scientific perspectives hidden from you.

Student Reviews

Thank you for all your inspirational work and the interesting educational online courses in which you share your in-depth knowledge with us. I think everyone should take a look at them. The given health tips are of enormous value.

Debby B.

I don’t have enough room to write all I can say about incredible benefits and my gratitude for all that Dr. Group, his Global Healing supplements, his staff, and the Global Healing Institute have done to help me. I only wish I had known about this precious gift sooner.

Rosie P.

I love Dr Group's courses, I have learned so much. They are beyond valuable for my family and myself. My children join in listening and learning, I hope they will take this wisdom and create generations worth of health. Highly recommend!


I am so LUCKY to be part of this wonderful membership community with my polestar health coach Dr. Edward Group. I trust him more than any doctor I know and I intuitively know he is Guided by Integrity, Spiritual Depth, and true caring for all sentient beings.

Kanta M.

He willingly and patiently shares his knowledge because he truly cares about humanity. I listen to him every opportunity I get, and I’m so appreciative of his insights. He has personally answered questions I’ve posed on his live calls. He is here for us, and that’s amazing! Dr. Group has assembled a remarkable team!

Marilyn S.
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Embrace water’s healing power

Reactivate your body’s self-healing mechanism with the unrivaled force of water. Every sip of pure, structured water is a cleansing wave that enhances neuron activity and enriches cellular health.

Water is vitality. Embrace this journey of detoxification, purification and rejuvenation to restore your natural, energetic essence.

Purify Your Essence

It’s As Simple As Water

Cleanse your life with the evolutionary power of water. Flush out toxins and clear your detox pathways for ultimate wellness. Imagine your body as a sanctuary, where water washes away the remnants of your past dietary choices, leaving you refreshed, revitalized and reborn.

Water’s influence is Unmatched

  • Hydration and Athletic Performance: Feel the surge of improved performance and reduced recovery time. Picture your body at its peak, with your muscles replenished and your energy restored.
  • Cognitive and Skin Health: Envision enhanced cognitive function and a glowing complexion, powered by the unique properties of water. Regain a sharp mind and skin that mirrors your radiant light.
  • Make Conscious Choices: Every decision impacts Earth. Sustainable options like distilled water are not only healthier but are better for the planet. Help the world eliminate plastic while healing yourself.
  • Water and Aging: Turn back time with water. Dive into the fountain of youth and imagine a life in which every sip smoothens wrinkles and restores your vitality. Embrace the secrets of longevity with water.


  • Triple-distilled Water
  • Warm Water
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Vortexed Water
  • Dehydration Risk Factors
  • The Fourth Phase of Water
  • Structured Water and Devices
  • Sole, Solarization and Lunarization
  • Moon Dew

Replenish With Knowledge

  • Water’s Effect on DNA
  • Water Memory
  • Water’s Unique Properties
  • Water Contaminants
  • Morphic Resonance
  • Avoiding Ice Water
  • Emotional and Energetic Connections
  • Brain Hydration
  • Color Filtration
  • Biophoton Emission

Are you ready to experience the revitalizing healing power of water?



For more than 25 years, my mission has been to help as many people as possible. The Global Healing Institute is a home for my decades of research and work with millions who have incorporated these health, fasting and lifestyle principles into their lives. You will learn how to heal yourself and transform your life—mind, body and soul.

The great secret of human life is becoming a master of thought, action, health and spirituality. How do we accomplish this? By overcoming indulgence and bad habits through dedication and self-control. By feeling the light flowing from your heart. By having so much faith that you have no fear.

Dr. Edward Group, DC - Global Healing Institute
Dr. Group in Disruptors Magazine. Top 30 Life Coaches

The unfortunate truth about modern medicine is it’s focused on treating the symptoms of a disease without addressing the root cause. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others find and fix the root causes of poor health. I’m on a never-ending mission to find new and better ways to accomplish that goal. It’s who I am and why I get out of bed each day.

I truly believe my purpose on this planet is to teach others to clean their internal and external environments, and help raise consciousness so we can all live in a future filled with light, love, health and happiness. The philosophy I follow is full-body cleansing, organic food, clean water and air, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.

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