The Natural Health Coach Certification

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The primary root causes of all disease is toxicity and poor bowel health. 

Your gut health is a crucial part of achieving optimal health, and is one of the Root Causes of Disease when any type of disruption occurs. 

Everything from mouth to exit involves harmony in your perceptions, beliefs, choices and actions to ensure optimal Gut Health.

Did you know that over 80% of the population suffers from bowel issues (bloating, gas, acid reflux, toxicity, lowered immunity, inflammation, etc.)? Antacids alone account for over $6 billion/year in sales!  This is only a small (yet huge) example of how significant it is to pay attention to the health of your gut.

The good news is that by shifts in lifestyle, food choices, and applying tools and strategies in this course, you will be able to take complete control over your gut health. This will ensure a lifetime of vibrant health, immunity and happiness!

In this course you will learn how to guide yourself with:

  1. A full gut repair and replenishment program.
  2. Detoxing your gut and body to ensure maximum digestion and utilization of all your supplements and food.
  3. Raising your vibrations and states of happiness by restoring your gut to its full health and capacity to support your immunity and emotional health.


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Course Summary:

Chapter 01: Root Causes of Gut Health Disruption & The Body-Mind Connection 

  • Benefits of supporting your Gut Health
  • 24 Root Causes of Gut Health Disruption
  • We are only as good as what we assimilate and can utilize.
  • Your whole body-mind-emotion system.

Chapter 02: Harmony in the Entire Digestive Process

  • Mastering the entire digestive process
  • Healing the absorption systems
  • Activating nutrient transport and utilization
  • Fasting & Detox as a core to a Healthy Gut

Chapter 03: The Universe Inside Your Gut: Your Microbiome

  • Gluten effects on gut health
  • Dairy effects on gut health
  • What is the microbiome, and how does one fully restore the healthiest levels possible?

Chapter 04: Awareness & solutions for the most common gut conditions

  • Common Gut Conditions
  • How to Cleanse & Heal the Gut
  • Top Gut Health FAQ’s
  • Conclusion: The Complete & Powerful Picture