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Power of Fasting

Unlock the Power of Fasting So That You Can Enjoy An Energized and Vibrant Life Filled With Joy, Strength and Power!

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Fasting for Beginners To Advanced Health Professionals

Discover the untold benefits of water fasting both physically and mentally. Inside this course you will uncover the myths associated with fasting, learn about different phases and effects fasting provides, learn about various health benefits, and how to safely prepare for a water fast. This class is for anyone looking to improve their overall physical and mental health while increasing their energy.


What you will learn in this 100% online video course:

Lesson 1 – What is Fasting?

You have probably heard of the term fasting and may even know someone who has tried it. Dr. Group, DC will clarify what water fasting is, but he will also take you on a journey to uncover the history and the real reason why doctors aren’t using it with their patients.

Lesson 2 – Water Fasting Myths

When people hear the term water fasting, some immediately think of the dangerous myths associated with this practice. These fears and doubts can be enough to stop people from trying it. You may have even experienced this with a simple Google search. Dr. Group, DC will debunk those myths and explain why you shouldn’t fear water fasting and how fasting is beneficial to your health.

Lesson 3 – What Happens During a Water Fast?

Dr. Group, DC goes in depth with what happens to your body during a fasting period. He explains the different phases of a fast and the benefits your body will experience. By understanding the different phases and what you will feel will allow you to complete your water fast with confidence.

Lesson 4 – Fasting World Records

Discover individuals that have fasted for extensive periods of time, breaking world records. Dr. Group, DC will show you how these individuals were able to fast for such long periods of time, take you through what they were feeling, the benefits they gained, and how they were able to successfully and safely complete these world records.

Lesson 5 – Health Benefits of Water Fasting

Dr. Group, DC uncovers various health benefits of water fasting. For decades fasting has always been associated with religious beliefs or dieting. This is no longer the case, fasting has shown to provide numerous health benefits both physically and mentally. This lesson will show you exactly what health benefits your body will gain.

Lesson 6 – Fasting Stories

This lesson will share a few stories from people just like you that have gone through a water fast. Discover what their experiences were, how they felt, and how some overcame adversity through the power of fasting.

Lesson 7 – Water Fasting for Weight Loss & More

Dr. Group, DC explains the various issues water fasting can be used for from weight loss to Parkinson’s disease. You will be able to learn and understand how water fasting not only helps individuals feel better but can actually do wonders in areas where modern medicine has failed.

Lesson 8 – Preparing for a Water Fast

During this lesson Dr. Group, DC will make sure you are fully prepared before you begin your water fast. He will make sure that you know how to prepare your mindset, nutrition, environment, and most importantly your body. Setting you up for a successful fast that your body and mind will benefit from.

Six Bonus Lessons!

In these bonus lessons Dr Group, DC will unpack all of the questions you may have about fasting and so much more!

1.) Toxic Buildup
2.) Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting
3.) Intermittent Fasting Tips
4.) Supplements While Fasting
5.) Intermittent Fasting Q&A’s Pt 01
6.) Intermittent Fasting Q&A’s Pt 02

Learn the fasting strategies you will use for the rest of your life!
Access Pure Energy

Through fasting your body is given the opportunity to activate it's own powerful detox power to eliminate the blocks that inhibit your energy.

Access Nature

Your body is built to access the pure self healing properties available from nature. With fasting you get in tune with nature's powers.

Join Millions who are benefiting from water fasting!

The Power of Fasting Is the future of self care

Dr. Edward Group, DC

In 1998 Dr. Group, DC realized hardly anyone was focusing on the root cause of diseases or offering plant-based solutions to these problems. When the internet was starting to emerge, even fewer were providing quality natural health information and products. This was the exact moment Dr. Group, DC saw an opportunity to stand out and do things differently.

Dr. Group, DC has a true understanding of encountering and overcoming challenges in life. At the young age of thirty years old he had lost both his parents to cancer. At that time, he became depressed with the feeling that his world had started to crumble around him. Leading towards a downward spiral with his health, he gained nearly 70 pounds. He knew that he needed to make a change.

On his journey to improve his overall mental and physical health, he began to devour books on natural ways to heal. Dr. Group, DC began to learn about how different foods can be used as medicine along with herbal remedies. It wasn’t long before he started to feel better, have more energy, and lost all his excess weight.