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Join Dr. Edward F. Group, DC in

Why Everyone Needs a Parasite Cleanse​

This shocking series from Dr. Group, DC, will expose a secret the medical industry has hidden for decades. The average person hosts up to 30 different types of parasites within their body, quickly multiplying into hundreds, thousands, or even millions of microscopic eggs.

These unwanted passengers can wreak havoc on the gut, causing gas, bloating, diarrhea, hair loss, hormonal fluctuations, mood shifts, sleep disorders, tumors, holes in organs, and more.

Dr. Group, DC, offers 25+ years of expertise on the root cause of disease and exposes the truth about these nutrient stealers!

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  • 2 Hours of Coursework
  • 15 Video Lessons
  • The Secrets of Detoxifying Parasites in All Stages (Adult, Larva, Egg, & Fungal Overgrowth)
  • Methods for Self-Healing & Prevention
  • Techniques to Improve Gut Health, Energy, Brain Function, & Mood
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Heal Yourself From The Inside Out By Eliminating Parasites, Mold, Candida, and Other Harmful Organisms

Most doctors do not want you to know what Dr. Group, DC, will uncover in this course, but the risk of infection is widespread. It is estimated that more than 90% of all Americans are infected with some type of harmful organism. Even in our industrialized culture, we’re not rid of intestinal invaders that infect and infest the intestinal tract.

There are so many varieties of bacteria, parasites, mold, worms, and viruses that it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of them. They survive by draining vital nutrients from your body, and they give back toxic waste that puts your health at risk.

What You Will Learn in
This 100% Online Course

Lesson 1


These are the secrets to health and why millions of people are sick. Dr. Group, DC, takes you back to the root cause of illness and disease, disclosing the information that fails to be reported on by the medical industry.

After evaluating thousands of patients, Dr. Group, DC, uses his personal insights to introduce this groundbreaking subject and change the face of medicine forever.

Lesson 2

What Are Parasites?

Since parasites are in our food, water, and air – It is nearly impossible to get away from them. They steal your food’s nutritional value, soak up your supplements, and release toxic waste into your body. “Every single person has harmful organisms in them. But not many physicians know the symptoms or know how to properly test.” Because of this, Dr. Group, DC, reveals the key to healing, which lies in creating a preventative environment.

Lesson 3

How Many People Have Parasites?

After treating thousands of patients in cancer rehabilitation and body detoxification, Dr. Group, DC, states, “I haven’t found one person that doesn’t have a certain level of parasites in their body.” In this lesson, you will learn about the flawed reporting system, why this information is withheld from you, and why 99% of people suffer from multiple health conditions without even realizing it.

Lesson 4

Where Do They Come From?

Dr. Group, DC, will shake up your reality with this captivating lesson, exposing the truth of why parasites are so challenging to avoid. From sushi lovers to pet owners, many factors are at play here. By learning the source of these nutrient-stealers, you can learn how to get rid of them once and for all!

Lesson 5

How Do You Contract Them?

Even after you’ve eliminated them, parasites tend to return (coming back through exposure to mold, insects, pets, toxic food, water, air, and more). Without regular cleansing, you can contract them repeatedly and find no solace. Use this lesson to understand the research that Dr. Group, DC, has spent 25+ years cultivating and the methods he prescribes for ending this cyclical pattern.

Lesson 6

The Deadliest & Most Common Parasites

This lesson will completely reframe your concept of the medical industry!

Getting to the root cause of all diseases, Dr. Group, DC, will expose the most deadly and concerning parasites (many of which will surprise you!). He will also explain why every disease is not what you think it is. It is an activation of symptoms as your body alerts you of the REAL issue!

Lesson 7

How Parasites Alter Your Brain & Behaviour?

In this jaw-dropping lesson, Dr. Group, DC, will open your eyes to the mind-controlling behaviors of a parasite and how to reduce your exposure for a healthier life. Parasites manipulate their hosts by disrupting the metabolism, causing an acidic environment in which cancer thrives and altering one’s hormones drastically. Learn how these dangerous organisms can manipulate cognitive functions and take your nervous system hostage, often amplified by electronic radiation from your cell phone, TV, microwave, and computers.

Lesson 8

Common Symptoms

Chronic fatigue, muscle pain, hair loss, allergies, mood swings, sugar cravings, digestive issues, sleep issues, etc…

You may see these as general hardships of life, but could these be indications that you’re infected with parasites? While the pharmaceutical industry profits billions of dollars from toxic quick fixes, a more accessible and cheaper solution may ultimately save your life!

Lesson 9

Root Cause of Disease & Where Parasites Hide

Highlighting that Tesla said “all disease starts in the gut,” Dr. Group, DC outlines why parasites will live off your microbiome and wreak havoc in your stomach. With 95% of all serotonin (the happiness hormone) being produced in the gut – Your emotional and mental health will ALL depend on your gut health. Dr. Group, DC brings this research full circle by asking you to look deeper at your conditions, acknowledging that “everything that you’re suffering from is coming from either your internal and external environment.”

Lesson 10

How to take ACTION & The Harmful Organism Cleanse

This lesson is your introduction to cleansing 101 – Dr. Group, DC, will educate you on his organic products and explain the high-vibrational properties that have healed hundreds of thousands of people. He will also prepare you for a common occurrence of a healing crisis (when the body fights to reabsorb toxins) as ammonia is released from the parasites and their eggs.

Lesson 11

Q&A on Cleansing

How often should you do a parasite cleanse? How do you know when they’re gone? Why do parasites love heavy metals, EMF signals from cell phones, radiation, and other toxicity? Why bother to cleanse them if everyone has parasites and they’re everywhere? Learn the answers to these questions and more! “Your body’s energy is going to go up – because all of the things stealing your nutrients, energy, and life-force, will now be gone.”

Lesson 12

Diet Protocols & What to Eat

Without a proper diet, your cleanse may not be successful. Parasites can become abundant in your colon because the gut provides the ideal environment to host these dangerous organisms (especially if you’re craving lots of sugar, cheese, gluten, and alcohol!) This creates acid in the body that parasites LOVE! Dr. Group, DC, will explain the reasons behind each protocol and describe that “in 6 weeks, you will transform your body. It just depends on what level you’re willing to do that.”

Lesson 13

5 Secrets for a Successful Cleanse

Dr. Group, DC, explains the various issues water fasting can be used for, from weight loss to Parkinson’s disease.

You will be able to learn and understand how water fasting not only helps individuals feel better but can actually do wonders in areas where modern medicine has failed.

Lesson 14

Prevention, Pet Protocols, & While Traveling

Did you know that pets and family members can easily pass parasites back and forth? Using animal-safe doses, educating on international travel, and being aware of your external environment will help to ensure these organisms are not continuing to leach the nutrients from your body. Parasites can quickly return after cleansing, so you must stay vigilant. Use this lesson as a blueprint for prevention and learn why cleansing with the entire family is essential to remaining parasite-free!

Lesson 15

Final Takeaways

Dr. Group, DC, summarizes the course by reflecting on the impact of gut health (ranging from weight, mood, depression, digestion, cognitive ability, and more).

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Get to The Root Cause of Disease and Create an Abundant and Healthy Life

Dr. Group, DC, and his team have evidence and confirmation of what causes any disease and how you can activate your body’s self-healing mechanism to heal and repair itself.