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I truly believe my purpose on this planet is to clean our environment and assist in the rise of consciousness so we can all live in a future filled with light, love, health, and happiness. The philosophy I follow is full body cleansing, clean, organic food, water, air, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.
Dr. Edward Group
Founder: Global Healing Institute

Natural Health Coach Certification Final Exam

“As you prepare for your final exam, remember the core purpose of your journey to become a Natural Health Coach. The knowledge you’ve gained is not just academic; it’s a foundation for real-world impact. This exam is more than a test; it’s a demonstration of your readiness to lead others to better health. Go into this exam with the confidence that comes from everything you have learned and experienced in this certification program, and know that you are stepping into a role that can truly change lives.” ~ Dr. Edward Group, Founder Global Healing Institute  

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